Lukusilindrite ja võtmete konfigureerimine

NINZ asks its partners to specify the system in the form of a key plan which, when prepared with care, serves as a map for optimizing the required intervention times (from order to installation) while ensuring that the mastering system meets the specifi c needs being requested. Here are a few of the configurations that are available:

  1. Standard
    Cylinders with different keys.
  2. Single coded
    Cylinders with the same keys.
  3. Grouped coded
    Cylinders from the same group are coded alike.
  4. Main/master key systems
    Grouped master key system in which each cylinder can be opened with its own key or with a master key that can open cylinders from one group but not others; a general master key can open all cylinders from all different groups. Standard cylinders closed from the interior with a thumbturn latch cannot be opened with the main/master key.
  5. Frictioned emergency
    “Frictioned cylinder” means that the main or master key can only open doors that have not been closed from inside, while the same doors can still be opened with the emergency key.
  6. Encrypted with sample key
    Sample key coding allows for cylinders to be coded on the basis of a sample key supplied by the customer.


Lukkude võtmete konfigureerimine


The order should specify the number of keys to be supplied
with the mastered cylinders.

Versions available

normal key - opens the single door only

main key opens all doors from the same group

master key opens all the doors that have grouped mastering

emergency key opens all doors



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