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On request, painted resin handles can be provided which match or provide better contrast with the base color of the door.

M1C and M2C handles are fi re rated like the M1 handle, and have also been certifi ed in accordance with DIN 18273:1997-12.

The M1C and M2C handles package consist of: one pair of lever handles (M1C) or the handle/ doorknob combination (M2C) made of plastic with a metal core and galvanized steel installation plate, a pair of plastic cover plates with a Euro profi le cylinder hole, a 9x9mm square spindle, fastener screws and spacers.

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On request, brushed stainless steel AISI 304 levers and cover plates can be provided which endow the product with a higher quality while at the same time ensuring optimal corrosion resistance and a noteworthy robustness of the entire set.

In addition, M1X, M2X, M11X and M20X handles are equipped with a return spring that maintains perfect alignment with the geometry of the door.

They are mounted on a galvanized steel mechanism and are supplied with fastener screws, spacers and a 9x9mm square spindle (where required).


Euro profile cylinder to be ordered separately (except for M11X and M20X handles). Only M1C, M1X and M11X models are combinable with the three point locking mechanism.

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Roostevabast terasest käepide

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